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DIY UX: Innovate. Create. Design. – Spring 2016 Conference

DIY UX: Innovate. Create. Design.

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Indiana Wesleyan University North Campus

3777 Priority Way, Indianapolis, IN  46240

IOLUG Spring 2016 Program Agenda

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Keynote: Making the Most of Your DIY UX: Lessons Learned from a UX Librarian (Presentation)

User Experience work is fun, complex, challenging, and sometimes even disruptive. After 10 years of doing user experience in libraries, Suzanne Chapman has had many successes but also some failures and near failures. Learn about some of the high-level strategies and heuristics she uses to help plan, execute, and mitigate common pitfalls in UX projects both big and small.

Presenter: Suzanne Chapman, User Experience Librarian University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, @libraryux

Time to Ref-Form: Rethinking Connections Between Patrons, Library Staff, and Resources Using an Online Reference Referral Form (Presentation)

Presenters discuss the functionality of an online Reference Referral form used at the Service & Information desk at IUPUI University Library, and how it has improved the user experience for patrons seeking reference assistance. They will describe its practical ability to record the reference interview and actively involve librarians in follow up.

Presenters: Paul Moffett and Mindy Cooper, IUPUI

Does This Font Make My Button Look Big? Style Guide Considerations for Human-Centered Design (Presentation, Handout, & Activity)

When you hear “style” you probably think of APA, MLA, Chicago, or other formatting standards. But, did you know, “style” also relates to human-centered design? Join us for a hands-on session where we will discuss how-to strategies for applying human-centered design elements in web style guides. We will share our dos and don’ts, sources for inspiration, and lessons learned. Come away with a must-have list of tools and techniques you can use to enhance user experience!

Presenters: Heidi Huff-Hague and Jennifer Smith, Harrison College

Libraries 2.0: Re-Envisioning Space and Combatting Obsolescence (Presentation Materials Coming Soon)

We’ve all heard “Web 2.0,” but what about “Libraries 2.0?” Are you evaluating how your space and image align with the real way people interact with information and resources? During this session, we will discuss how we evaluated and re-envisioned physical space and marketing strategies in a public library, and the theoretical models that informed those decisions. Specifically, we will discuss our experience with revamping outdated, unused reference collections, as well as how we collaborated to streamline marketing efforts. We will discuss how we planned and executed the renovation of reference into a new, practical space, and will also discuss our methods and best practices in regards to marketing strategies. Both of these projects were done in tandem in an effort to enhance the overall image and perception of the library. We will discuss how we used qualitative and quantitative data to not only inform, but to evaluate these projects. Having transitioned to the academic library sector, I will discuss how this experience is driving marketing and reference collection decisions at IU Southeast. Christopher and I will provide real-world strategies, tips, and insight into how you can begin making changes at your library.

Presenters: Courtney Block & Christopher Proctor, Indiana University Southeast

Google Analytics for Libguide User Experience (Presentation)

How to implement Google Analytics to get a picture of your LibGuide users. Use this free service to find out how visitors interact with your library’s LibGuides. Suggestions of how to use data from Google Analytics to identify areas of your website that might not be user friendly or may need further usability testing. How Google Analytics should be used as part of the User Experience process. What measures in Google Analytics are useful for User Experience? What are the limitations of Google Analytics?

Presenter: Sammy Chapman, Purdue University Calumet

Partnerships for Accessible Services: Standardizing Student Staff Training to Better Serve Undergraduates in the Academic Library (Presentation Materials Coming Soon)

In an effort to make our Learning Commons space and Service Hub more user-friendly, a training task force at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) met regularly over one semester. In a collaborative effort, leaders from each Learning Commons (LC) service point met to brainstorm practical ways to better train and inform student employees on all services in the space. The task force recommendations were so successful that the group has turned in a Committee to maintain training initiatives.
Through the perspective of training student staff, this presentation will discuss the various initiatives taken by multiple partners sharing one space to better serve student users. Talking points will include revising websites and philosophies around a common theme, creating group accounts, aligning individual service point information, marketing & branding the space, internal sites for training, and creating a common line of information for sharing and improved user accessibility for information. The idea of an information commons incorporating more services to evolve into a greater space, collaborating with student employees, and implementing more efficient staff training across service points are all relevant and trending topics in library science, and we would like to share our successes, challenges met, and take-a-ways from our unique experience at IUB’s Herman B Wells Library.

Presenters: Kate Otto and Christopher Payne, Indiana University Libraries

Visual Storytelling with Infographics (Presentation)

It’s easy enough to identify a platform that will let you create an infographic. Most of these platforms even have nice tutorials to teach you how to use the basic tools. But the platform you choose is only the beginning. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the language of visual storytelling through infographics.
We’ll explore how you can turn a mass of data into a cohesive summary and how to create an infographic with no numbers at all. And we’ll ponder deep philosophical questions: how do you quantify the unquantifiable? How do you tell a nonlinear story with a linear medium?
We’ll play with two free tools: Canva and Piktochart and compare user experience and benefits. Everyone will receive inspirational material with thich they can create an infographic or they can get started with a story of their own. Everyone will leave with an infographic in some stage of completion and the tools necessary to tell eloquent stories through this popular medium.

Presenter: Franny Gaede, Butler University

Social Media Panel:
Being Socially Acceptable: Social Media, Library Ambassadors and Marketing @CMU_Libraries 

The CMU Libraries has been working for the past few years to improve our marketing, branding and outreach through multiple channels. Combining social media, digital and print marketing along with a volunteer group of students known as the Library Ambassadors, we have taken a different approach that has been well received by students and won multiple PR Xchange awards from ALA the past two years.
Our approach involves marketing, branding, user experience testing and peer to peer presentations to reinforce the message that our students can “Connect, Collaborate and Succeed” with the CMU Libraries. We’ve done all of this on a shoestring budget thanks to some creative and talented people.
In this session, I will walk through how all aspects of the marketing, branding, social media, library ambassadors, digital and print media all come together to build and promote our brand and show how any library can do the same.

Presenter: Eric Bellmore, Central Michigan University Libraries

Retweet, Like and Love: Social Networking Your Way Into User Feeds! (Presentation Materials Coming Soon)

Social networking, using hashtags, likes, loves all influence your user experience. How can you make this a positive experience for your patrons? How can you find content to keep them engaged and ready to push that like, retweet, share button? In this session, I will share with you some success stories on where big social marketing users in our profession find good content to retain and gain new followers and friends. We’ll look at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram during this session.

Presenter: Jennifer Bielewski, LYRASIS

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