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About Us

IOLUG is an organization that provides opportunities for individuals to share and learn about current trends in libraries and technology to inspire innovation. Membership is open to anyone interested in networking with us to innovate, share and grow!.

The Indiana Online Users Group (IOLUG) Archives provides online access to the organization’s newsletter, IOLUG News, from 1982 to present as well as the organization’s bylaws | constitution | standing rules

Our objectives:

  • To foster an environment for individuals to network and grow professionally in the area of librarianship
  • To provide communication channels for members to share current technology trends in libraries
  • To provide continuing education opportunities on current technologies that impact libraries.

Our activities:

  • IOLUG provides a minimum of two programs programs every year. These programs are on topics of interest to the members, and frequently feature regional experts and authorities, as well as the occasional national figure. Attendance to these programs is open to both members and non-members of the organization.
  • Publication of the IOLUG Newsletter.
  • Other projects which promote dissemination of information on activities and advances related to the digitization, storage, and retrieval of information.

Our Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan:

  • IOLUG has established its Mission and Vision Statements, as well as a Strategic Plan composed of 4 Strategic Initiatives. Our Strategic Plan establishes a framework and road map for the maintenance and future growth of IOLUG.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

  • IOLUG strives for and promotes diversity and a plurality of voices and identities in all its efforts. Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement codifies our values surrounding these efforts.

How to join:

Easy! Just fill out our online membership form. The membership year runs from October through September. Indicate in your application form in the appropriate space that if would like to join a committee (see Contact Us for a list of IOLUG committees).

IOLUG © 2017. Founded in 1982, IOLUG is an organization established for the purpose of furthering the use of online systems, databases, computers, and telecommunication systems in libraries. Membership is open to all individuals interested in electronic information access systems.

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